I came in by the suggestion of a co-worker after a car accident. I was in a pretty significant amount of pain and super uncomfortable. I had a difficult time even working that first day before coming in. After my first visit, the next day I was able to sit at my desk job comfortably and with less pain then the day before. This certainly isn’t my first rodeo with chiropractors but when mine retired I wasn’t sure who to see. I am extremely grateful for the referral because I’ve found my new chiropractor! Thank you so much! ~Kimberly F.
I am beyond thrilled with the results I am already seeing/feeling in my knee in just the first week. Dr. Rob and his staff are amazing! ~Jamelle K.
Looking forward to getting my spine and neck realigned. I couldn’t believe when I saw the X-rays and how my spine looked! No wonder I’ve been having neck and back pain! ~Amy S.
Very pleased with my first visit – friendly staff, and thorough interview/exam. No hard-sell programs or commitments. I will gladly recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic care. ~Lessley A.
Blaine felt so much better after leaving the appointment, both physically and mentally. He felt that he was listened to and had a path to recovery from his injury. Doc Rob spent a significant amount of time with Blaine and asked pertinent questions. He explained what he was thinking and doing, even using diagrams of the skeletal system to show Blaine exactly what was happening in his body and how injuries could be related to each other. Doc Rob is not only a philanthropist; he is also an amazing chiropractor. ~Blaine B.
I appreciate Dr. Kessler’s willingness to explain what he is seeing and as a result, thinking. I appreciate the critical thinking skills he demonstrates as he decides on an adjustment maneuver, strategy, care plan and treatment. I also appreciate him mentioning future options but not putting the cart before the horse. Lastly, he doesn’t push his patients to buy gadgets or quick fix items. He encourages a long term approach and makes known what modalities and possible equipment, which is extra cost, would work best. He explains the pros without any pressure.~Ramiro A.
Relieved to be in the care of such a knowledgeable chiropractor who plans to provide a health improvement plan that will aid in my overall health, not just thru adjustments. i really appreciated the time spent getting to know me and understand all of my many symptoms. It is clear that I am in good hands.~Nicole W.
Very happy with how eager and confident Dr. Robert is to help. I spent 3 months going to the local clinic trying to find out what was going on with my neck. Dr. Rob was able to put me on the right path the first day I walked in his office.~Travis T.
Rob is very knowledgeable and thorough. I’ve been going to chiropractic care on and off for 25 years and my experience with him has been great. I go when I need to, doesn’t try to push treatments. Great overall experience, and I just started seeing him.~Wes B.
I appreciate that even though it was my first visit where most doctors just gather information and string you along, Doctor Kessler was committed to give me some relief of my pain. The explanations of how we proceed and why were very encouraging.~Steven W.
Thank you for seeing me immediately when I was in a great deal of pain. Dr. Kessler was informative, friendly and best of all, able to give me relief for my back issue as well as start me on my way to taking better care of my back. Can’t thank him enough!~Stacy T.
I was 1,800 miles into a 2,500 mile motorcycle trip and woke up with a numb hand. Fortunately one of the best massage therapist in town was available for a late afternoon appointment. She recommended I try to see a chiropractor prior to my appointment as she suspected a pinched nerve and highly recommended Dr. Kessler. His staff was sympathetic to my traveling situation and worked me into his schedule. Absolutely wonderful! After the new patient consult he explained to me what he suspected. He made the adjustments and instantly I felt unkinked. The numbness faded from my hand and I could turn my head freely and painlessly. His methods align with my hometown chiropractor making my feel very comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Kessler and his staff I was able to reap the full benefit of my massage and enjoy the remainder of my ride!

~Cynthia J.